Previous APSS President's Award Recipients

2022 Virginia A. LiVolsi

2021 Sharon Weiss

2020 Thomas Ulbright

2019 Henry Appelman

2018    Ronald DeLellis

2017 Linda Ferrell

2016 Elaine Jaffe

2015 Steven Silverberg

2014 Peter Isaacson

2013 Alberto Ayala

2012 Juan Rosai

2010 Richard Kempson

Previous APSS Prize Recipients

2022 Phyu P. Aung

2021 Jennifer Gordetsky

2020 Justin Bishop

2019 Lynette Sholl

2018 Oluwole Fadare

2017 Khin Thway

2016 Gladell Paner

2015 Adeboye Osunkoya

2014 Rhonda Yantis

2013 Jesse McKenney

2012 Jason Hornick

2011 Sanja Dacic

2010 Jennifer Hunt

2009 Andrew Folpe

2008 Richard Prayson

2005 Mary Bronner

2004 John Goldblum

2003 Mark Rubin

About the Arthur Purdy Stout Society

The Arthur Purdy Stout Society of Surgical Pathologists is composed of pathologists dedicated to excellence in teaching, research and practice of surgical pathology. Surgical pathology is defined as the practice of medicine devoted to the diagnosis of disease based on observable cellular and tissue changes in specimens removed from living patients.

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